You can be a social member or a full member of the Roughies. Both memberships will get you subsidies and benefits at most club events. Full membership includes fees levied by Masters Swimming Victoria, and thus allows you to compete in Masters Swimming events all around Australia. 

  • Social/Open Water Membership $55 ($45 concession) annually – paid to Yarra Roughies. Includes a long-sleeved club T shirt.
  • Full membership $80  ($70 youth – under 25 years) annually – paid to Masters Swimming Victoria (who return some of the fee to us). Includes a short-sleeved club T shirt.
  • New members also receive a club swimming cap when they join.

Training fees are payable by individuals directly to the pool in the form of SwimFit class fees/gym memberships (to Yarra Leisure) – they are not included in club membership fees.

The swim squads are organised by Yarra Leisure as part of their various gymnasium and fitness programs.  To take part in the squad sessions you will need to pay fees to Yarra Leisure. You can either pay per session, or become a member, which provides access to all SwimFit sessions (as well as gym classes, lockers, and the spa/sauna) at Fitzroy, Collingwood and Richmond pool. For more information about the different fee options, ask the reception staff at any of the pools (see leisure.yarracity.vic.gov.au).