42nd Masters Swimming Australia National Championships

The 42nd Masters Swimming Australia National Championships were held at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre during March 2017.  The Roughies had 5 swimmers taking part and had a successful meet with some very pleasing swims all round.  In total our swimmers won a gold, a silver and three bronze medals.

Swimmer Age Group Event Result Time
Nathan Tumaru 30-34 50m Freestyle 7th 28.14
    50m Butterfly 4th 28.87
    100m Butterfly 3rd 1:08.58
    100m Freestyle 4th 1:01.19
    200m Freestyle 2nd 2:18.01
Susan Mendez 30-34 100m Freestyle 6th 1.18.61
    100m Backstroke 4th 1:34.38
    100m Butterfly 4th 1:28.37
    400m Freestyle 5th 6:12.94
    800m Freestyle 3rd 12:52.37
Brad Clarke 35-39 50m Freestyle 14th 30.35
    100m Breaststroke 8th 1:28.14
    200m Freestyle 6th 2:33.84
    200m Breaststroke 5th 3:17.35
    400m Freestyle 4th 5:34.50
Sarah James 40-44 50m Breaststroke 1st 35.21
    50m Butterfly 3rd 32.66
Jim Milne 60-64 50m Freestyle 6th 30.77
    100m Breaststroke 6th 1:36.97
    200m Freestyle 7th 3:05.66

Full results can be found via the Masters Swimming Australia results portal

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